Skin Care Guide for all Skin Types

Skin Care Guide for all Skin Types

Healthy, glowing skin is one of the most sought after traits. Even if your genetics are against you, it is totally possible to obtain clear skin. Not everybody has the same skin type, but there are some universal truths to getting better skin that you should know about. This skin care guide will give you secrets to improve your complexion in no time!

1. Drink More Water

It doesn’t matter if your skin is oily or dry, you can benefit from drinking more water.

Water flushed out the toxins in your body and clears your skin. It also moisturized your skin from within and fills in your fine lines and wrinkles.

Being hydrated on a daily basis will make you look more youthful.

Drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Try carrying around a reusable water bottle with you so you’re helping your skin and the planet at the same time.

2. Use Vitamin C

Adding a vitamin C serum to your routine will keep your skin healthy and strong.

Wash and tone your face and then apply a layer of vitamin C serum. Let it sink in for 15 minutes before applying your moisturizer. 

Vitamin C serum will reduce fine lines, fade brown spots, and minimize pores. 

3. Follow a Three-Step Plan

A three-step skin care plan can help all types of complexions.

It’s important you wash your face, apply a toner, and then moisturize your face twice a day. This should be the base of anyone’s plan. If you want to add in extra steps you can, but start with this to have noticeably clearer skin. 

Don’t skip washing your face in the morning or night, but it’s especially important in the evening to wash your face and remove any makeup that might clog your pores. 

4. Something’s Fishy

Eating fish is incredibly good for your skin. 

The omega-3’s found in fish help to improve your skin. If you don’t like the taste of fish, you can take fish oil tablets daily. 

The fist highest in omega-3s are salmon, sardines, and tuna. 

5. Exfoliate

As the day goes on, excess dirt and dead skin begin to clog your pores. 

Fight back by exfoliating your face once a week. Be sure to use an exfoliant that is not too harsh. Sugar and salt are both natural exfoliators that you can use to make a mask at home. 

Exfoliating your skin will add an immediate boost to your complexion as all of those harmful materials blocking your pores will be washed down your sink. 

Use This Skin Care Guide For Clear Skin 

If you follow the steps in this skin care guide, you should have noticeably healthier skin within weeks.

Remember your skin is a reflection of what you eat, so you need to be eating whole foods that are good for your entire body. 

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