Esthetician Reviews Eva Naturals Vitamin C+ Serum

Esthetician Reviews Eva Naturals Vitamin C+ Serum

Hi, you guys. My name's Sarah. I'm an esthetician. And as someone who wants to target both acne and antiaging in my skincare routine, this is a serum that can do both. This is my Eva Naturals Vitamin C+ Serum, and it has a combination of some of the most effective skin clearing and skin smoothing active ingredients formulated together to boost collagen, fade any dark spots, and minimize the appearance of enlarged pores.

There's 2% salicylic acid to gently exfoliate the skin and really get into the pores to clear out any acne causing dirt, debris and oil. There's also a potent concentration of sodium ascorbyl phosphate, which is a vitamin C derivative that's not only effective in boosting collagen, fighting off any skin damaging free radicals and evening out the skin, but it's also antimicrobial. So it's going to effective in fighting off any acne causing bacteria as well.

There's niacinamide to calm inflammation, sooth, and replenish the skin barrier. And there's even retinol to increase cell turnover and promote that smooth and radiant complexion. So this is going to be a great serum for those who want to target multiple skin concerns while still maintaining a simple skincare routine. So when I'm using my Vitamin C+ Serum in my nighttime skincare routine, I like to start off by cleansing my skin with my Bee Clean Hydrating Foaming Cleanser to cleanse off any makeup and sunscreen from the day without stripping my skin. And then once my skin has dried down, that's when I'll go in with my Vitamin C+ Serum to keep any breakouts at bay, promote a more even skin tone, and fight off any signs of premature aging. And then once my Vitamin C+ Serum has absorbed into my skin, I'll finish off my routine with a moisturizer for a skin clearing, antiaging, nighttime skincare routine.

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