Why Do Adults Get Acne and How Can Vitamin C Help Prevent It?

Why Do Adults Get Acne and How Can Vitamin C Help Prevent It?

While some believe that they graduated from the frustrating of zits and pimples when they earned their high school diploma, many of us experience acne in our 20’s and beyond. It can prove to be frustrating and expensive trying to find products and vitamins that help with acne prevention and control.

Why do Adults get Acne? 

There is a myriad of reasons why adults get acne. Hormones are a common cause‚— a rise in androgens make your oil glands open up. This is why you see many pregnant or menstruating women experience a rise in acne. 

Another common factor is stress. Have you ever experienced as much stress as you’re under now as an adult? It’s likely that the weight of your stress and anxiety is greater now than it’s even been before, and this can definitely have an effect on your skin.

Another probable factor contributing to your adult acne is your diet. Studies have shown that greasy foods, food with refined sugar like bread and pasta, sweet foods and chocolate, and some dairy products are prone to bring on the pimples.

You might be using the wrong products for your skin type. Just because a particular product works well for someone else doesn’t mean that it will have the same effect on your skin.

How can Vitamin C Help Prevent Acne?

Vitamin C has proven to have some amazing restorative and healing components and is one of the many beneficial vitamins for acne recovery. It has the ability to offset UV damage from the sun and exposure to pollutants in the air. The collagen makes it highly acidic, which prompts your skin to heal itself and maintain a healthy, firm look.

It’s also one of the best vitamins to help with acne because it reduces the redness that accompanies your breakouts, neutralizing the color of your skin. Vitamin C will keep your skin hydrated while maintaining a healthy glow, and help to even out your skin tone and prevent any premature aging.

How can I get more Vitamin C?

Lucky for you, there are plenty of simple, natural ways to incorporate more vitamin C for acne. There are plenty of foods that have vitamin C in them that you can include in your diet, such as fresh orange juice and potatoes. If you eat your fruits and vegetables raw, this is also a simple way to get more Vitamin C in your everyday meals and snacks. 

Another easy to get your daily dosage is by adding a vitamin C serum to your skincare regimen. How you decide to get more of this beneficial vitamin, be mindful of the potential it has to improve your skin and keep it looking young and healthy!

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