What To Do About Oily Skin

What To Do About Oily Skin

While oily skin may cease once you’re out of your teenage years, for up 55% of people, oily skin is a daily hindrance. 

Oily skin is due to the sebaceous glands producing too much sebum. This sebum is good because it hydrates the surface, but an overproduction of it causes a slick appearance to the skin and clogs pores, which leads to acne. 

If you’re done dealing with an oily face, check out these tips on how to control oily skin!

5 Tips on Managing Oily Skin

The majority of people with oily skin inherit it in their genes. Changing your genes isn’t an option, but there are steps to take to get control of the oil on your skin. 

Try these five tips!

1. Wash Regularly

Washing your face regularly is key to keeping the oil at bay. Aim to wash it at least twice a day (maybe three if it’s super oily) and wash with mild soap and warm water. Using scrubs or exfoliants can increase the amount of oil, so use these sparingly. 

And always pat your face dry with a towel instead of wiping to avoid irritation. 

2. Use Toner, But Not Too Often

A toner works to balance the pH on your skin after washing. The best type of toner for oily skin is witch hazel because it doesn’t dry out the skin like alcohol. Witch hazel is anti-inflammatory, so it helps with acne and may tighten pores. 

Toner is best used every other day, especially if you have incredibly oily skin. 

3. Moisturize

You might think with all the oil, you’d skip the moisturizer. The opposite is true!

Using a moisturizer is beneficial because it protects it from becoming too dry, which in turn, could create more oil. An oil-free moisturizer is best since it protects, but is not too heavy on the skin, and vitamin C increases moisture. 

Make-up that is oil-free and water-based like foundation or powders is recommended as well. 

4. Try Natural Remedies

Natural remedies might work well to control oily skin. Using clay-based masks help suck up oil and deposit acne-fighting ingredients into pores. A natural oil called jojoba oil mimics your skin’s natural oils and moisturizes without being too heavy. 

Combine a few of these natural ingredients to make powerful oil-fighting therapy:

  • Crushed almonds
  • Egg whites 
  • Lemons
  • Oatmeal
  • Honey
  • Charcoal

When trying any new product, whether natural or manufactured, be sure to try a small amount first to see if any irritation occurs. 

5. Blotting Papers

Washing your face while you’re at work or out in public isn’t possible, but you can control the shine that comes with oily skin. Small thin, blotting papers work to absorb the oil, and they’re convenient enough to fit in your bag, and you can use them anytime. 

Control The Oil!

Oily skin is manageable. Once you find the right products and the proper routine that’s effective, you’ll be able to stop the shine and enjoy your skin. 

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