Treat Yourself: 5 Steps to a Relaxing Spa Day at Home

Treat Yourself: 5 Steps to a Relaxing Spa Day at Home

A spa day at home can be a great way to treat yourself and relax. Whether you’re looking to do a spa day solo, or with a group of friends, we’ve got you covered with a guide on how to bring the pamper into your home. Keep reading for some of our favorite tips, tricks, and products that will make your spa day awesome. 

1) Set a Soothing Mood 

To make your home a temporary spa, making sure you set up your own quiet space is a must! Start by putting on your favorite calming music, putting on an essential oil diffuser, and getting out some warm cozy towels. 

Making sure your space is all set up with the products you’re going to use can help make sure your spa day is organized and relaxing. Prepare yourself a refreshing beverage, such as cucumber-infused water or a glass of champagne. 

2) Start with Some Skin Care 

One of the best parts of leaving the spa is the silky smoothness of your skin. Especially in colder seasons, skincare is important in your regular beauty routine. Take the opportunity to show your skin some love on your spa day with some exfoliation from head to toe!

We love this facial cleanser, which is both super affordable and easy on the skin with all-natural ingredients. This is a great option for any lady looking for an age-defying product that will leave their skin looking radiant. 

3) Say Yes to a Hair Mask

A hair mask is a great idea for a spa day, as we usually don’t get to take the time to care for our hair as much as we’d like to. Hair masks are moisturizing, making them especially helpful for anyone suffering from a dry or itchy scalp. You can also find hair masks that aim at helping with color rejuvenation or repairing dry strands. 

4) Take a Warm Bath 

After washing out your hair mask, taking a warm bath is a great way to take some time for yourself. We love using bath bombs, which smell great, and are good for your skin. 

Consider using a body brush or exfoliating mitt to get rid of dead skin for an amazingly soft all over feel. Make sure to lather up with a moisturizing lotion after to make sure your fresh skin is left glowing. 

5) Mani-Pedi Time 

Now that your all clean, consider making a footbath to get rid of any dead skin. We also like to use a pumice stone on the rougher patches of the feet, such as your heel. This can help buff away that tougher skin, making your feet feel softer than ever. 

After you get rid of the tough skin, lather your feet up with lotion, or put them in a warm towel with lotion for deeper moisturization. Then it’s polish time! Pick out a calming color you like that matches up with the best colors of the season. 

Treat Yourself with a Spa Day at Home 

It’s important to treat yourself in a busy everyday life, and a spa day at home is a great way to take some time for yourself. 

For more amazing products that you can use on your spa days, or add into your everyday beauty routine, view the items on our site! 

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