The Top Benefits of Vitamin B3 for Skin

The Top Benefits of Vitamin B3 for Skin

itamin B3, also known as niacin, is a vitamin that is essential to your body’s health but has several key benefits for your skin specifically.

That’s why many serums are developed designed to allow vitamin B3 to penetrate into your skin where it can work its magic. 

How do you know how to find the product that is best for your skin?

Keep reading to see the benefits of vitamin B3 for skin and find out how to choose the product for you!

Why is Vitamin B3 Important?

There are eight different types of vitamin B, all of which do different things in your body. Vitamin B3 works to break down the food you eat into energy and can help your digestive system stay healthy. 

Vitamin B3 supplements can be found in most grocery stores and pharmacies. You can also increase your intake of vitamin B3 by eating healthy foods like green vegetables, mushrooms, and most meats. 

What Does Vitamin B3 Do For Skin?

But what does applying vitamin B3 to your skin do if it works to break down foods in your digestive system? While you can get a good amount of B3 through supplements and foods, the best way to improve your skin’s health is through topical vitamin B3 creams.  

For best effects, you should incorporate vitamin B3 creams and serums into your daily skincare routine. You should apply your vitamin B3 cream after you’ve applied your toner and before your moisturizer.  

Reduced Inflammation

Vitamin B3 works as an anti-inflammatory, which can help reduce the coloring of splotches and pimples. It can also lead to fewer pimple developments, in the long run, improving your skin’s smoothness.

This can also help with mild eczema in some cases. 

Better Moisture Retention

Vitamin B3 that is applied to your skin will build a lipid barrier on your skin over time. This makes it much easier for your skin to retain moisture and keep its shape and will prevent flaking skin and wrinkle lines. 

Reduce Oil Production

The presence of vitamin B3 on your skin can help keep your skin from producing too much oil and sebum.

This will help control acne breakouts while still maintaining good skin health and texture. 

Are There Any Side Effects?

As an essential vitamin, vitamin B3 won’t cause adverse reactions when taken in proper doses. However, it can cause irritation if you use too high a concentration, or if you apply topical creams too often. 

In general, you should look for low concentrations of vitamin B3 in your products, around two percent. You should also apply only once or twice a day (morning or morning and night) to avoid overstimulating your skin. 

Try Vitamin B3 For Skin

The benefits of vitamin B3 for skin mean that it should be an essential part of your anti-acne and anti-aging strategies.

Reduced redness and fewer wrinkles are things that everyone can get behind! 

Interested in upgrading your skincare routine with all-natural products designed to maintain a youthful and radiant appearance? Check out our store to find everything from toners to vitamin serums!

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