Oily and Dry: How to Care for Combination Skin

Oily and Dry: How to Care for Combination Skin

If you’ve noticed that your skin seems to be oily in some areas and dry in others, then you have what’s known as combination skin. With products out there meant for oily skin or dry skin, how do you take care of skin that just won’t commit? 

We’ve got you covered. 

Let’s talk more about what combination skin is and how you can care for your fickle skin successfully. 

How to Tell If You Have Combination Skin 

So you think you might have combination skin. But what are the obvious signs? An oily t-zone (the area that includes your forehead, nose, and chin) and dry cheeks are one surefire sign you’ve got combination skin. 

You may also notice that after you wash your face, some areas feel normal while others become oily. You may see dry patches accompanied by acne breakouts, or have large, visible pores. 

If you fit this profile, then here’s how you can take care of your skin. 

Best Skin Care Routine for You 

Taking good care of combination skin can be hard, but with the right technique and products, you can keep it under control. You’ll need to develop a skincare routine for both the oily and dry parts of your skin. When following the routine below, apply cream-based products on dry areas and oil-free moisturizer if you’re prone to oily skin. 

Here’s what that looks like: 


Those with combination skin should use a mild cleanser twice a day–in the morning and at night. By doing so you won’t dry out your face or leave it feeling too oily. 

Use the same product for at least 2 months to allow your skin to acclimate to the product and routine. After cleansing, gently blot your face with a towel (don’t rub!). 


A gentle exfoliator is ideal for those with combination skin–look for one that’s meant for all skin types. Exfoliating scrubs away the dry skin and cleans out your pores, enabling your moisturizer to better soak in. The best time to exfoliate is at night, a few times a week. Avoid exfoliating every day as this could dry out your skin. 


Finally, you’ll need to keep your skin moisturized, even if you struggle with oily skin. In fact, sometimes skin becomes overly oily because it’s lacking moisturizer and is trying to make up for it. 

Like cleansing, you should moisturize twice a day. During the day use a moisturizer with sunscreen to protect your skin. At night after cleansing your skin, use a moisturizer with antioxidants that will nourish your skin overnight. 

Tips for Keeping Your Skin at Its Best 

Once you start incorporating these methods into your daily and weekly cleaning routine, there are some additional things to keep in mind. 

To keep your skin at its best keep your hands away from your face because touching your skin can clog your pores

If you find that your skins gets oilier throughout the day, you can combat this by using blotting papers. Every now and then, treat yourself to a face mask. You can use different masks on the different areas of your face. This multi-mask approach allows you to treat the dry and oily parts separately. 

Follow these Best Practices for Beautiful Skin 

By following these skincare tips, you’ll be on your way to gaining control over your combination skin. Try out this routine and see the difference it makes in your complexion.

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