Not Just for Candy: The Top Benefits of Licorice Extract for Skin

Not Just for Candy: The Top Benefits of Licorice Extract for Skin

Do you suffer from dehydrated skin? Is it dull and lacking the nutrition it needs? With this guide, you can explore how licorice extract can nourish damaged skin and improve your skin’s radiance. It can give you healthy and glowing skin even in the summertime. Now, let’s take a look at the top advantages of licorice extract for skin and why you may want to incorporate it into your routine. 

What Is Licorice Extract? 

Licorice extract is produced from the herb of the licorice root.

The root consists of many bioactive compounds; however, glycyrrhiza glabra is one of the most well-known compounds that feature medicinal properties. Unlike many beauty trends, licorice root has been used for centuries for its medical benefits.  

It’s produced mostly in Greece, Asia, and Turkey. However, western culture has made this natural remedy one of its most popular herbs.

What are the Benefits of Licorice Extract For Skin?  

Due to its natural healing properties, licorice extract has many beneficial qualities that can improve your skin’s overall appearance.

If you keep these benefits in mind, you’ll likely notice healthier skin within weeks of use.  

Lightens Skin

One of the best advantages of using licorice extract is that it can brighten your skin. Unlike other products, it blocks enzymes that provoke skin darkening. That way, your skin can stay healthy for longer periods of time. 

It can even fight against hyperpigmentation, fading dark spots, and acne scars. Also, its natural oils treat skin without using any harsh or invasive chemicals.

Hydrate Skin 

Licorice extract contains powerful antioxidants that can moisturize your pores and soothe your skin. If applied on a daily basis, your likely to see an increase in smoother skin.  

Also, licorice extract produces “licochalcone A,” which can control the oil on you’re skin. That way, you no longer have to worry about oily substances but instead maintain hydrated and healthy skin.

Unlike other beauty products, licorice extract can hydrate at a faster rate in order to nourish and protect pores. 

Rich in Nutrients 

Licorice extract has a variety of nutrients that can heal damaged skin as well as promote your natural glow. With its natural properties, it doesn’t irritate your skin, but instead, it works to soothe the affected areas and enhance your skin’s appearance.

By applying licorice extract on a daily basis, you’ll likely notice a greater difference in your skin’s health.

Treats Skin Disorders

Like steroids and cortisol, licorice extract contains strong anti-inflammatory properties.

With the compound, “glycyrrhizin” licorice extract acts as a powerful remedy that treats skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. Those that have applied the product two to three times a day have seen symptoms reduce within two weeks of using the product.  

In fact it has been seen to prevent skin disorders, as well. However, doctors suggest monitoring your usage as overusing licorice extract can lead to high blood pressure. 

Sun Protection  

Licorice extract contains enzymes that provide relief against sunburns. Its anti-inflammatory effects can suppress pain sensations caused by sun exposure.

Due to its natural effects, it does not irritate your skin; instead, you’ll have radiant skin in the summer.  

Final Thoughts 

All in all, licorice extract has many benefits that can help you achieve flawless skin. With its natural properties, it can enrich your skin’s overall appearance and treat sunburns without irritating your skin. 

It’s become a trend that’s certainly changed how we look at beauty! If you have questions about using licorice extract for skin, contact us on our blog

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