How to Shrink Your Large Pores and Invigorate Your Skin

How to Shrink Your Large Pores and Invigorate Your Skin

There’s nothing worse than looking in the mirror and only seeing large pores on your face. It’s hard to focus on anything else. 

They make makeup harder to apply and can make you look older. Here we tell you how to minimize large pores and get the young, smooth skin you crave.

The main cause of enlarged pores is a buildup of oil and dirt on the face. While this could mean you need to wash your face better, it could also mean you are washing too much.

Let us explain.

Saying Goodbye to Large Pores on Nose, T-Zone, and Cheeks

When someone asks how to close pores or how to get rid of pores what they really mean is they want to shrink big pores so they aren’t so noticeable. Here are our best tips:

Ingredients Matter

When choosing a face wash and moisturizer make sure they have Zinc and Magnesium. These properties both help tighten the skin which will make pores appear smaller.

Some natural herbs like lavender and rosemary are also beneficial. These herbs calm irritation which could be a secondary cause of large pores. 

Using a wash that includes an exfoliator once a week can also shrink pores and give you a younger-looking glow. Also, consider using a tightening skin serum to give your face that extra boost of youth.

Over Abundance of Oil = Gigantic Pores

Excess oil in the skin is the culprit that’s stretching out those pores. Now, this might suggest that washing more often would solve the problem.

In some cases, washing more can be the solution but you can wash too much. You heard that right. The more you wash your face, the more oil you remove which can make your skin dry. 

If you have naturally oily or combination skin this sudden drought will cause your skin to panic. It will start cranking up production on those oil factories. Washing too much can lead to even more oil being produced. 

You can avoid this by always using a good quality moisturizer, like our Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cream, after each washing. Hyaluronic acid is proven to lessen the appearance of pores.

Moisturizing is especially important after exfoliating. Using a combo of products means your skin doesn’t dry out but, you get rid of the offending oils that cause large pores.

Those Old School Nose Strips Actually Work!

For stubborn blackheads and huge pores on your nose, using a good old fashioned nose strip will do the trick. Make sure to read the directions completely and allow the strip to fully dry and harden before peeling it up and away from your skin.

Not only does this make your pores appear smaller but the forest of gunk trees left behind on the strip can be very satisfying.

Honey, I Shrunk My Pores!

We hope we have given you some hope for making your large pores look smaller. All it takes is some time, care, and special attention to rejuvenate your skin and bring back that youthful glow.

Looking for more tips on achieving a more youthful look? Make sure to check out our top ingredients for anti-aging here. 

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