How to Find the Best Natural Acne Products

How to Find the Best Natural Acne Products

Affecting about 50 million Americans every year, acne is now one of the most common skin conditions in the country.

In fact, it can occur at any stage of life—not just during puberty.

If you have unrelenting acne, you’ve probably searched for the best natural acne product on the market to help your skin. However, many of these products include harsh chemicals that cause your acne to flare up. 

Instead of upsetting your skin, natural ingredients can soothe the red away. 

Keep reading to discover our five tips for choosing the best natural acne cures for your skin. 

1. Check for Tea Tree

A number of factors can contribute to acne, including:

  • Hormone levels
  • Genetics
  • Greasy makeup
  • Medications

Certain ingredients can help you discover the acne cure you’re missing. In addition to preventing future acne breakouts, some ingredients can help reduce inflammation and kill bacteria.

They’ll also help balance your skin’s oil production, which could worsen your acne. 

When looking for the best natural acne product, look for tea tree oil among the ingredients. Tea tree oil will help reduce your inflammation as well as any redness and swelling. 

While featured in many creams and gels, tea tree oil is also available as a lone essential oil. Make sure to dilute the oil before applying it to your skin, first!

2. Ease Acne with Aloe

Aloe vera is another great ingredient to look for.

As a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, aloe can help reduce your redness and soothe your skin. 

The water in aloe vera is great for moisturizing your skin, too. 

Looking for the best natural acne product for sensitive skin? Give aloe a try. 

If your current acne products are drying your skin, switch them out for aloe. In addition to using it alone, you can also find gels and creams that contain aloe vera.

3. Give in to Garlic

While it might not smell as great as your current acne cure, garlic is great for treating infections.

It also works well for boosting your body’s natural ability to fight germs.

Garlic contains organosulfur compounds. In addition to strengthening your immunity, these compounds also offer anti-inflammatory and antibacterial powers.

You can eat garlic in your daily diet, consume capsules, or find garlic featured in facial scrubs. 

4. Sweeten with Honey

During your search for the best natural acne product, check for honey.

Doctors have used honey for treating skin conditions and dressing wounds for years. Honey contains antibacterial properties and antioxidants that will clear out clogged pores.

If you can find a product that features honey, add a little to your face mask!

5. Jump for Jojoba Oil

Extracted from jojoba shrub seeds, this oil can help repair damaged skin to heal your acne lesions.

In addition to reducing inflammation, jojoba oil also works to reduce redness around whiteheads and pimples. 

Dab jojoba oil against adult acne or mix it into a cream.

Soothe Your Skin by Choosing the Best Natural Acne Product

It’s time for cleaner, clearer skin! With these ingredients in mind, you can find the best natural acne product—or make your own!

Discover our collection of natural acne-fighting products today!

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