How to Apply Your Skin Care Products in the Right Order

How to Apply Your Skin Care Products in the Right Order

So you’ve invested your time and money into buying the most highly recommended skin care products.

You’ve brought them home and placed them on your bathroom counter. Now what?

If you’re new to skin care it can be difficult to understand when to use which product. 

There is a proper order to apply skin care products. This guide will teach you how. 

1. Remove Your Makeup

If you’re wearing make up all day it has probably already begun to clog your pores. 

It is a terrible idea to sleep in your makeup, so be sure to remove it first. Sleeping with makeup is a sure way to develop acne and breakouts. 

Use makeup wipes or cotton swabs to take your make up off your face. Be sure to do this gently, you don’t want to tug at the skin and cause more fine lines.

2. Cleanse

Once you’ve removed your makeup, it’s time for a deep cleanse.

Cleansing after removing your makeup will pick up and remaining residue from the day. Don’t be afraid to lather for 30 seconds or more to really get the face clean. Be sure to rinse all of the cleanser of your face so it doesn’t form a residue.

You want a clear palette before you start applying serums and creams. 

3. Turn to Toner

Don’t underestimate how important toner is to your skin care routine.

Toner keeps your skin taut and your complexion even. Put your toner on a cotton round and wipe down your face and neck thoroughly. 

4. Slick on Serum

After your make up is removed and your face is cleaned and toned, it’s time to reward it with vitamins.

Vitamin C serum will absorb right into your cleaned skin and provide you with many benefits including boosting collagen and keep your skin bright. 

Take ten to fifteen minutes to allow the serum to absorb fully into the skin before continuing to the next step. 

5. Lather on Lotion

Moisturizing your face is perhaps the most important step in your skin care regimen.

In the morning, your moisturizer should be equipped with SPF. Sunscreen will help shield your face from harmful UV rays that cause wrinkles and skin damage. Never leave the house without applying sunscreen.

In the evening, your moisturizer should be nice and thick. Choose a night cream that will continue improving your skin while you’re sleeping. 

Finally, apply an eye cream to reduce fine lines and under-eye bags. 

Now You Know the Order to Apply Skin Care Products

The order to apply skin care products is important to get the best skin possible.

You want to make sure your face is thoroughly clean before applying your serums and moisturizers. Layering these products on a dirty face will prevent them from absorbing properly.

Check out our suggestions for the best serums for your particular skin needs. 

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