Good Riddance! How to Get Rid of Pimples Fast

Good Riddance! How to Get Rid of Pimples Fast

Looking for a few ways on how to get rid of pimples fast? We’ve all been there. Searching with desperation for a quick solution to healing pimples or a breakout. 

There isn’t anything worse than having an upcoming event, and you get a pimple. You want to look your best, but now a giant zit has come to ruin your hopes. The good news is, we have great solutions to turn your situation around.

We want you to always feel confident, but pimples can hamper our confidence. They make us feel insecure and can lead to feelings of self-conscious. Well, we’re on the fight against pimples!

We want to give you great tips to look your best all the time. Here’s everything you need to know about pimples and how to get rid of them fast! 

What Are Pimples? 

Pimples are very common among all people. The approximate age for common pimple occurrences ranges between eleven through mid-thirties. Still, anyone can develop the common zit from time to time.

To start the process of eliminating pimples, you first have to know what they are. Pimples are different from blackheads or whiteheads. You can tell the difference because pimples present inflammation or tenderness. 

When you press on a pimple and it hurts, it signifies infection of the pore. This results in the white puss that centers in the middle of a pimple. But what are pimples, you may wonder? 

In essence, pimples are blockages in the pore of the skin. This prevents the natural release of hair growth, dead skin cells, and sebum. Sebum is a natural oil of the skin. 

Now, bacteria feed on dead skin cells. Human skin is a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. This means blockages will lead to infection fast and easy.

At this point, the glands releasing sebum would already be swollen from the blockage. The main points to remember are: 

  1. Inflammation of the skin signals a blockage of the glands near the hair follicle or the skin pore.
  2. Soreness and tenderness are due to the bacteria feasting on the dead skin cells which get stuck in the pore.  

From here, you can start to look into why they occur. And more important, what you can do to stop them from happening again. 

Why Do They Happen? 

Pimples can occur for several different reasons. You may have a skin condition like acne that produces pimples. There is the misconception that bad hygiene leads to pimples.

The truth is, many factors will impact acne or pimple breakouts. Also, everyone’s skin differs. What might irritate one person’s skin may not affect yours.

Knowing what causes acne is vital for finding the right solution for you. Some factors which may cause acne include: 

  • Diet and nutrition 
  • Stress
  • Ingrown hair interfering with skin cell growth
  • Hormonal shifts or imbalance (example: menstruation or puberty)

Beyond natural causes, there are environmental causes of pimples outbreaks. This could be a simple change of nighttime moisturizing lotion. Be sure to buy gentle night creams for the best results.

You may notice more pimple outbreaks after using makeup. This could be because your skin is sensitive or allergic to an ingredient in the products you use on your face. It’s very important to note that pimples are not hives, though they appear similar.

Hives are a serious allergic reaction. They need immediate medication to prevent anaphylactic shock. Look into the most common adult skin problems to gauge different symptoms.

If you’re unsure, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist. 

How to Get Rid of Pimples Fast!

Now for the juiciest (no pun intended) part, we’ve all been waiting for – how to get rid of zits! The best action to take when you’re having a breakout is to start treating it right away. Have breakout Eva products on hand so you can apply them fast. 

The sooner you apply a cream or serum, the sooner it can start to remedy the inflammation and infection. Aside from applying medications or products to the skin, you can dry out a pimple. Let’s take a deeper look into what this entails! 

How to Dry out a Pimple

Looking on the internet, you’ll find a cornucopia of several contradicting opinions. We’ll sum up the best ideas for how to dry out a pimple on your own. These should give you the fast results you’re hoping for.

The best part is these products are pretty affordable and easy to find. In fact, you might have some of these items in your kitchen or bathroom right now. You can try applying these items to dry out a pimple: 

  • Apple Cider Vinegar 
  • Rubbing Alcohol (Tip: don’t leave this on the skin for too long as it can result in a chemical burn)
  • Lemon water with granules of sugar in the mixture will help you to exfoliate your skin. (Honey is a good addition also for antibacterial factors and smooth skin)
  • Hydrogen peroxide (This kills the bacteria which causes infection)

You can also make your own exfoliating scrub with argan oil and sea salt. Some may suggest putting toothpaste or vapor rub to bring the infection to a head. In truth, these aren’t as effective. 

Toothpaste can cause more damage than good. Think about how strong teeth are and compare that to your skin. Skin is more sensitive than human teeth.

Thus, the toothpaste can irritate your skin, especially sensitive skin. You need to use products with the design and makeup for sensitive skin like face skin.  

Staying on Track on the Fight Against Pesky Pimples

The secret for how to get rid of pimples fast is all about consistency. Apply Eva’s Vitamin C Plus Serum  for astonishing results. This serum is effective against acne and pimple breakouts! 

Have any questions about our products or more about skin care? Reach out to us; we love to hear your questions. We strive to guide our customers to the best product for them and their skin.

This way, you can look your best always! 

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