Expert Advice on Reversing Sun Damaged Skin

Expert Advice on Reversing Sun Damaged Skin

Did you know that melanoma is the fifth most common type of cancer? Not only is the sun dangerous for your health, but it can also have a negative impact on your appearance. If you want to fight aging, protecting yourself from harmful UV rays is one of your best defenses. The good news is that you still have plenty of options to improve the quality of your skin if you are dealing with sun damaged skin.

Do you want to learn how to reverse sun damaged skin? Keep reading for 5 helpful tips.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Since our bodies are made mostly of water, we have to drink a lot to keep everything healthy and vibrant. Skin is our largest organ, so its appearance can also say a lot about what’s going on inside of our bodies. If your skin looks dry, rough, or dull, drinking more water can help you look and feel younger and more radiant.

2. Get into the Habit of Wearing Sunscreen Every Day

The best way to prevent sun spots on your skin and other signs of damage is to apply sunscreen every morning. Even if your skin has already aged from the sun, you can slow down or reverse the damage by adopting this habit. When it comes to skin care, sunscreen is always better late than never.

3. Exfoliate and Moisturize

If you noticed that you’ve developed wrinkles or brown spots after a sunburn, exfoliating and moisturizing can boost the smoothness and elasticity of your skin. Exfoliating can help even out your skin tone while using a moisturizer can keep your skin plump and glowing.

It’s important to be gentle while you exfoliate to avoid aging your skin even more. While you can apply moisturizer as often as you think you need, one of the most important times to moisturize is immediately after you shower.

4. Add Retinol to Your Skin Care Routine

Whether you have sun damaged skin on your arms, face, chest, or elsewhere, retinol can make a world of a difference in your appearance. Retinol is beneficial because it can lighten sun spots, reduce wrinkles, and improve the overall appearance and texture of your skin. Retinol may sound too good to be true, but you’ll be amazed by your results once you start incorporating it into your skin care routine.

5. Eat a Diet Rich in Vitamin C and Antioxidants

Eating a healthy diet can help you look and feel good from the inside out. Foods that are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants like fruits are especially helpful for your skin because they fight aging and help your body produce more healthy cells.

You Can Reverse Sun Damage on Your Face and Anywhere Else on Your Body

Now that you know how to reverse sun damaged skin, you can get silky smooth skin in no time.

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