Derma Roller Explained: What It Is and How to Properly Use One

Derma Roller Explained: What It Is and How to Properly Use One

The women of Asia have a lot to teach us about skincare. Not just now, but historically. They know how to treat their skin gently, and they’re who we have to thank for the classic stone derma roller.

If you’ve never heard of a derma roller, there are a few types. The modern ones have micro-needles that prick your skin to activate your skin-renewing cells.

The historical kind are polished jade (or some other type of stone) and are perfect for applying serums and cream. Ready to learn more about these centuries-old tools? Read below.

The History of the Derma Roller

In ancient China and Egypt, Jade was thought to be a cooling stone, and the elite used jade stone rollers to keep their skin looking young.

They stayed a part of history in the West until a few years ago when Fab Fit Fun included a roller in their goody box. Then thousands of women discovered these tools that can de-puff eye bags and stop you from wasting expensive face cream.

How to Use a Stone Derma Roller

When you get your derma roller, or if you already have one, take it and put in in the fridge. Keeping it cool will increase its de-puffing effects.

Next, make sure your skin is clean and dry, then apply whatever cream you’re using (try these options) to the roller.

Start from the middle of your forehead and roll towards your temples, with the big end. Repeat on the other side, starting in the center again.

Then start the roller on the side of your nose and roll out towards your ears. Move down from the sides of your nose from the sides of your lips, still moving outwards.

Finally, flip over to the small end and start at the side of your nose, where you would begin to apply undereye concealer.

Using very light pressure and an undereye cream, push the roller over your skin, towards your ears, stopping at the end of your brow line.

You have now successfully applied your face cream without wasting any, and you’ve activated the lymph nodes in your skin. Lymph nodes are what move fluid around under your skin, so activating them helps keep your face from looking puffy.

Needle Derma Rollers

No, they’re not a torture tool, but they are a source of controversy in the skincare realm. Micro-needle derma rollers are the same shape as historic jade ones, but instead of smooth stone, the rolling component is covered in tiny, very thin needles.

These needles are said to help products sink in better, reduce the appearance of pore size, and soften fine lines.

Talk to your dermatologist before buying one to make sure a needle roller is right for you.

Derma Roller Usage: Not Just a Trend

If we’ve learned anything from Asian women, like the ones behind popular k-beauty brands, it’s that you should stick with what works.

And if they’ve stuck with derma rollers for hundreds of years, what excuse do you have for not giving them a try?

Once you get a derma roller, make sure you put it to good use with nature-based skincare, like our products – here.

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