Best Skin Care Routine for Different Ages

Best Skin Care Routine for Different Ages

There are certain skincare habits that should last a lifetime. For example, whether you’re eighteen or eighty, you’ll always want to remember to dab on some SPF before you head out into the sun.

But certain habits change with time, and we will have to find ourselves adopting new practices as we grow older. Here are some examples of what the best skin care routine will look like at different stages in our lives.

In Our 20’s

As far as our skin is concerned, most of us can expect to peak in our 20’s. At this stage in life, we’re still producing our optimum levels of growth hormones, which means that when our skin does suffer damage it will be able to repair itself effectively.

At this stage, most of our efforts are just focused on keeping our skin clean and protected. A basic regimen consisting of a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen will suit most of us just fine.

In Our 30’s

In our 30’s we start to face our first real challenges. We’re still young, but this is the point where we start to slow down. Our bodies aren’t producing as many growth hormones as they used to, which means that our skin just won’t be able to bounce back from mistreatment as it could in our 20’s.

We may begin to notice our first laugh lines and age spots during these years. For that reason, it might be a good idea to start adding components like Vitamin C serums to our previous regimens to help keep those trouble areas under control.

In Our 40’s

Our lives are still in full swing by the time we reach our 40’s, but our bodies’ cellular processes are beginning to slow down in a big way by now. Our cell turnover now takes about twice as long as it did when we were in our 20’s, which means we have to be twice as vigilant.

To keep our skin looking its best, this is a good time to add a retinol product to our care regimen. Retinol is a potent Vitamin A product that promotes collagen production, which is responsible for keeping our skin look young and elastic.

In Our 50’s and Beyond

You may have noticed a trend by now; as time marches on our bodies slow down. And as we begin to approach this stage of life we can expect that trend to continue.

Many of us will enter menopause at some point in our 50’s. As estrogen production decreases, skin tends to grow thinner, and more susceptible to age lines.

But there’s still plenty that we can do to keep looking our best. The only caveat is that as our skin grows thinner, it becomes more sensitive and may no longer tolerate some of the products that we previously relied on. For that reason, it is probably wise to switch to a richer cream to help protect our skin’s natural barrier and to try to avoid artificial fragrances and other irritants.

Practicing the Best Skin Care Routine at Every Age

While we can’t turn back time, there are always things that we can do to help stave off the aging process. Accepting that we will have different needs as we grow older is a strong first step towards finding the best skin care routine to help us look younger for longer.

For more help on looking younger at every age, check out our tips for achieving that glowing, healthy look that we all desire.

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