Innovative, Refreshing Eye Gel

Innovative, Refreshing Eye Gel

Did you know that the eyes are one of the first parts of the body to show early signs of age, stress, and sun damage? Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes are mainly caused by too much or too little sleep, eating poorly, getting older, over consumption of salt, allergies, sinus problems, fatigue, crying, dehydration, as well as inherited facial features.

For most people, lack of sleep causes dark circles under the eyes and which can add years to their appearance.

In most cases, swelling around the eyes is due to an excessive accumulation of fluids. This is called edema. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin in the body and so both swelling and discoloration can be quite noticeable.

Due to the effects of aging, eye puffiness can be caused when fatty tissue that ordinarily protects the eye inside the bony eye socket begins to push forward and fill in spaces below the eye. The aging process causes thinning of the membrane or “septum” that normally holds back fat in both the lower and upper eyelids. The fat herniates and pushes forward, causing the membrane to thin. This is when bags start forming under the eye.

Dark circles, or bags under the eyes have many causes. Some of these are increased melanin (also called hyperpigmentation), post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation due to allergies, fat loss beneath the eye or shadowing due to skin looseness/slackness, and broken blood vessels.

However, Eva Natural’s has come out with a solution, our Youth Restoring Eye Gel. Our product provides all around protection and care to the eye and eye area. This powerful formula will help reverse the signs of aging and restore your skin back to its natural youthfulness. Eva Natural’s Eye Gel will help tackle crow’s feet, dark circles, eye bags, sagginess, fine lines, and puffiness so you can achieve a radiant and healthy appearance.

Eva Natural’s Youth Restoring Eye Gel contains a potent combination of ingredients for optimum results. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates the skin and plumps it up with moisture, while Plant Stem Cells enhance its strength to protect against sun damage and other external aggressors and Matrixyl 3000 firms the skin.

Eva Natural’s Eye Gel is not only for your eyes, but also can be used as an overall face treatment. Apply to your forehead and cheeks as well to moisturize the skin and prevent premature aging. Improve your texture and tone to attain a brilliant and smooth complexion.

Eva Natural’s is proud to use natural ingredients in our Eye Gel with no parabens, sulfates, or alcohol. Our Eye Gel is also full of organic ingredients and is safe to use on all skin types. Our gentle, soothing ingredients glide on smooth so it won’t irritate the delicate eye area. All of our products are made in the USA.

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We know you will love our product, but if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can simply return the unused portion for a full no-hassle refund.

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I was skeptical because of the price being very affordable – but was pleasantly surprised how much I liked everything about this product by Eva Naturals – first off I AM NOT A PAID CONSUMER . . .I’m nearing 70 and my ‘old’ age skin crept up on me without warning! I have a fortune in products from Chanel, Kiehl’s, etc., but I found this modestly priced eye gel and voila – that’s all I need – in the morning when I sit with my french press coffee I bath my face with Mario Badescu’s lavendar ‘water’ which I used to spray now I splash all over my face cause I just spent a minute over the steaming water – then I apply the newly purchased Eva products – eye gel and Hyaluronic Acid Serum – all over including neck and chin – I truly like this product and I HOPE they will keep it a small family owned company – with genuine control over their products – and keep the prices where they are and the excellent personal customer care in tact – I’m a Los Angeles ‘girl’ and am used to the best cosmetic shops and products in the world – this modest, inexpensive product is worthy of Rodeo Drive – just don’t tell them . . . plus it’s made right here in America – in Louisiana – for now I will stick with this family owned business Eva Naturals – as long as they continue to keep the same principals of quality ingredients, local made and economic – I think this little company will do well!

Deby Morrow

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