7 Things to Pack in Your Summer Getaway Bag

7 Things to Pack in Your Summer Getaway Bag

Smart packing doesn’t come naturally to some of us. It’s hard deciding what outfits to pack, and it can be even harder trying to turn your eight-step all-natural skincare routine (morning + night) into something that’s a little more travel-friendly, but will still work on-the-go. Because while you may be able to take a few days off from your normal eating habits, you don’t want to slack when it comes to taking care of your skin and hair. This is especially true in summer when the sun, saltwater, chlorine, and sweat can cause unwanted damage in a short amount of time.

So whether you’re headed to the beach or a cabin in the mountains, don’t forget to pack these travel skincare essentials and hair products in your summer getaway bag, even if it means you have to leave some swimsuit cover-ups and sandals at home!

1. Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Summertime travels can really dry out your skin. The sun obviously plays a large part, but so does the in-flight recycled cabin air with a low humidity level or blasting the air conditioning during your 5-hour road trip. There’s also a lot of buildup on your face at the end of a summer day between all the sunscreen, makeup, and dirt you encounter. All that in mind, you want to pack a facial cleanser that hydrates, cleanses, and refreshes your skin.

You may also want to bring a small pack of makeup remover cleansing towelettes. You never want to sleep with makeup on, so just in case you can’t wash your face at a sink, use these to remove makeup and dirt.

2. Natural Face Serum

Since we’re on a ‘less is more’ topic, leave your rich, creamy moisturizer on the vanity and pack a natural face serum instead. Moisturizers are often too heavy and can end up leaving your face feeling greasy and clogging your pores—two things you don’t want on vacation. A face serum is great for summer because along with hydrating, brightening, and firming your skin, it’s lightweight. Face serums don’t feel heavy on your skin when it’s so hot and humid out, and they typically come in a small, suitcase-friendly 1-2 oz. bottle.

3. Sunscreen

There are physical and mental health benefits of sunlight. But overexposure to sun has unwanted negative effects, like premature skin aging and skin cancer. So whether you plan to be on the water, beach, or hiking trails, you need to protect your skin. Toss a bottle of sunscreen with at least 30 SPF into your bag, and make sure you’re reapplying it throughout the day.

4. Lip Balm with SPF

You may remember to lather your face, neck, and arms with sunscreen, but are you neglecting your lips? Because it’s not just your face and body you need to worry about. Your lips can also get sunburned, and sunburned lips are a quick way to ruin your summer getaway. Sun protection for lips may be even more important than the rest of your body because your lips have less melanin, a pigment that helps protect your skin from the sun. So be sure to pucker up and apply a lip balm with SPF before you step outside.

5. Face Mist

Refresh and hydrate after several hours in the sun with a few sprays of face mist. Made with light, moisturizing ingredients, a face mist is a simple solution for dryness and dullness. Coupled with your beachy waves, your skin will be glowing and you’ll be ready for wherever the night takes you.

6. Dry Shampoo

Summer weather can sometimes cause greasy or even more oily hair than you’re used to. Give yourself refreshed, just showered hair without having to actually wash your hair every day of your trip (because who has time for that?). Ask your hair salon or nearest beauty supply store if they have any samples or trial sizes you can get instead of taking a regular-sized bottle. And be sure to find one that hides the shine and oiliness without making your hair look like it’s been treated with white baby powder.

7. Hair Oil

Similar to oils for your skin, hair oil helps protect and nourish your hair from the effects of the sun, saltwater, and chlorine. It can also leave your hair looking shiny and keep the frizz and flyaways to a minimum. Word of caution: don’t apply too much hair oil. You really only need about a nickel- or quarter-sized blob. Start with a small amount, and if you need a little more, you can always add some here and there. But you don’t want to add too much or you’ll probably regret it later.

Learn even more ways to take care of your skin in the summer. The right all-natural skincare routine is how you can get that picture-perfect youthful glow now and capture it throughout the rest of the year.

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