7 Skin Benefits of Vitamin C Serum

7 Skin Benefits of Vitamin C Serum

You don’t have to drink a glass of OJ to get the benefits of vitamin C. See how you can step up your skin care routine with vitamin C serum.

We’ve known about the great effects that vitamin C can have on your body for a while. We also know that not getting enough of it can be a huge problem. Ever heard of scurvy?

While you probably aren’t in danger of scurvy, you almost certainly could use some more vitamin C in your daily skin care routine. But you don’t have to top off your glass of OJ in the morning to do it.

Vitamin C anti again serum is one of the best ways to get concentrated vitamin C where you need it most. It also has some amazing benefits for your body, and we’ve compiled them here.

Vitamin C Serum Boosts Collagen

When people first hear about vitamin C’s uses, they’re often skeptical. It seems like such a simple solution to so many skin problems. But it really does work, and part of its secret lies in its effects on collagen production.

Vitamin C is a key ingredient in the production of collagen. If you aren’t familiar, collagen is the most common protein in the body. It’s found all over, in bones, muscle, skin, and tendons.

In a sense, collagen holds your body together. This is especially true for the skin, where a lack of collagen can lead to sagging and unhealthy skin.

As we age, we produce less collagen. Production can also be affected by smoking or exposure to UV light. And unfortunately, collagen molecules are too big to be absorbed directly into the skin.

But as we mentioned, vitamin C is a key ingredient in collagen, and more vitamin C boosts collagen production. Vitamin C can be used on sensitive areas of your skin that need a boost in collagen.

So what does that actually do for your skin?

1. It Makes Your Skin Look Younger

All of that collagen being produced has some pretty great effects on your skin. Vitamin C serum is great at helping people achieve younger, healthier looking skin.

After using it, your skin will look brighter and more vibrant. It replenishes and revitalizes your skin in a way that few other products can.

2. It Protects the Skin From Free Radicals

Vitamin C works as an antioxidant, meaning it helps protect the skin from free radicals. If you’ve been in the sun quite a bit, protecting yourself from these free radicals is a must.

And vitamin C serum is the perfect way to do that. Vitamin C serum should never be used instead of sunscreen. However, because of its antioxidant properties, vitamin C is great at protecting skin from the damage of UV rays.

3. Reduces Under Eye Color

Those dark circles under your eyes are a problem that millions greet in the mirror every morning. They’re tough to get rid of, even though many products claim they can do the job.

After a while, many people decide to simply live with those dark circles. However, vitamin C can lighten and even out skin tone. That makes it great for problematic areas like under your eyes.

So don’t waste any more time with dark circles under your eyes. Use the power of vitamin C to lighten and brighten your skin.

4. Lightens Skin Discoloration

It isn’t just the dark spots under your eyes that vitamin C can help with. As we age, most of us will experience dark spots or discoloration on our skin. It can be frustrating to deal with these discolorations.

Vitamin C applied to the skin can help even out your skin color. After using the serum, you’ll potentially see an evener skin tone and a healthier complexion.

5. Vitamin C Serum Can Help Heal Sunburns

We’ve all spent a day in the sun without the adequate protection our skin needs. Sometimes this results in a tan, other times it can be a devastating sunburn. The pain, itchiness, and redness of sunburns are entirely unpleasant.

But vitamin C can be effective in helping speed up the healing process. Applied to your damaged skin, it can help relieve your sunburn symptoms faster.

6. Helps with Inflammation

Do you wake up in the morning with puffy skin under your eyes or on other parts of your face? If so, vitamin C serum can also help you here. In high concentrations, vitamin C can work to reduce inflammation.

It’s perfect for those days when your skin just isn’t cooperating.

7. Fights Dry Skin

If you constantly battle dry skin, then adding vitamin C serum to your daily regimen could help. Vitamin C has a correlation with a reduced risk for dry skin. Using it regularly can help with water loss that’s associated with dry skin.

If you’ve tried everything else, but still have dry skin, then give vitamin C a go.

With all these benefits, it’s a wonder more people aren’t incorporating vitamin C into their skin care routines.

However, you need to be careful that the vitamin C product you’re using is actually effective. There are tons of products out on the market, but vitamin C serum is our favorite for a reason.

It Works Better Than Most Vitamin C Products

Sadly, many products that boast huge amounts of vitamin C don’t stand up to scrutiny. This is largely due to their packaging or the form they come in.

Many forms of vitamin C have lost their efficacy by the time they make it to your medicine cabinet. Plain old ascorbic acid is usually touted as one of the best forms of vitamin C. But it’s also quite vulnerable to oxidation.

This can occur due to temperature or exposure to light, and it happens regularly to vitamin C products in liquid form.

Even with buffers, liquid ascorbic acid can easily lose its effectiveness. It has to get to the warehouse, then the store, and finally into your hands.

Vitamin C serum doesn’t degrade the way that many other vitamin C products do. That means you’re actually getting the benefits of the vitamin C you pay for.

The benefits of adding vitamin C to your skin care routine are undeniable. Looking to add some to your medicine cabinet? Then check out our selection at Eva Naturals!

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