3 Seriously Good Benefits of Exfoliating Most People Don’t Know About

3 Seriously Good Benefits of Exfoliating Most People Don’t Know About

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and probably the one you take the worst care of. Sure, you probably wash your face and moisturize it, but do you lotion the rest of your body regularly?

You should pay at least half as much attention to your body’s skin as you do to your face – as a rule.

This means if you’re exfoliating your face twice a week, exfoliate your body once a week too. Ready to hear about more of the benefits of exfoliating, i.e., why you should do it?

Learn below.

1. It Unclogs Your Pores

Anyone with a basic understanding of acne knows that it comes from debris getting caught in your pores and under your skin. You wash your face to get rid of external debris, but what about dead skin cells that are always on your face?

If you’re not exfoliating, those dead skin cells sit on top of the healthy ones, making your skin look dull and giving your pores something to clog up with.

Exfoliating with a mild exfoliant twice a week (along with a moisturizing ritual) will keep that dead-skin buildup at bay. Getting rid of that dead skin will then …

2. Help Prevent Acne

We touched on how acne formed in the last section and dead skin on top of the healthy layer of skin is a significant contributor. Think of your dead skin like a level of plastic wrap on top of your skin.

The more dead skin there is, the less your natural oils can escape, and the more likely they are to get stuck in your pores.

But don’t take this to mean you should exfoliate every day! If you exfoliate too often (more than two or three times a week) or with something too abrasive, you can damage your skin and make acne worse.

When you over dry out your skin or remove too much of the healthy layer, your oil glands go into overtime, giving you more acne instead of less!

3. It’s Anti Aging

Your skin naturally renews itself. There is constant cell turnover, which is why we shed dead skin in the first place.

The very motion of massaging and gently exfoliating skin can encourage the skin to create new cells and boost elasticity (collagen) production.

The more collagen you encourage your skin to produce naturally, the fewer anti-aging products you’ll need in the long run. It’s a win-win!

The Benefits of Exfoliating: The More Natural, The Better

There are two main types of exfoliants: chemical and physical. Physical exfoliants are small grains that you can feel exfoliating your skin, like the finest sandpaper.

Chemical exfoliants break down the unhealthy layer of skin through chemistry. They can be harsh – if they’re not made by a company (like us) who values natural products.

Ready to try out the benefits of exfoliating for yourself? Browse our products here.

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