3 Reasons You Have Dull Skin and How to Treat It

3 Reasons You Have Dull Skin and How to Treat It

Do you have dull skin? Don’t worry you’re not alone as this is a common complaint. 

Often, it is due to a lack of nutrients and oxygen reaching the skin. But, what can you do about it? Thankfully, there are hundreds of ways you can get your glowing complexion back.

For example, lifestyle changes such as giving up smoking and avoiding alcohol can stop your skin from looking tired.

Not a smoker or a drinker? Here are three further reasons why your skin has gone from looking youthful and dewy to dull and lackluster.

1. Live in the City? Air Pollution is Your Skin’s Foe

One simple trick to bring back vitality to your skin is to never go to bed without washing your face. (Just like your parents told you!)

The reason for this is that pollution can disrupt your skin, cause inflammation and result in a dull appearance.

Invest in a cleansing brush to help your skin return to its natural glow and buy a cleanser to build it up too.  

When you wake up in the morning, make sure to protect your skin with Vitamin C Plus Serum before you head out into the dirty city once more.

2. Drink Water Regularly

For dull dry skin, there is nothing better than carrying a water bottle with you everywhere. Don’t splash water on your face, instead guzzle down the recommended eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day.

Your skin loses its thickness when you are dehydrated, resulting in tired skin and a dull face. 

As well as staying hydrated, you should also be using a moisturizer to suit your skin’s requirements. However, make sure you are moisturizing correctly to avoid your skin going from dull to greasy.

3. Stay Calm – Stress Affects your Skin

If you find that people are regularly telling you that you “look tired”, maybe it’s time to focus on taking a little Me Time. 

Stress seriously affects your skin. As your cortisol levels rise, you’ll find your skin looking duller and duller. 

The best way to combat this problem is to focus on truly relaxing and reducing stress. Why not check yourself in for a spa day? Alternatively, buy yourself a few face masks and grab some cucumber.

If neither of these options solves the problem, head to a dermatologist’s office and have them remove dead skin cells and assess your skin. 

Work in time for a regular steamy bath as this is good for stress AND your skin. If keeping your stress levels down seems impossible, focus on working relaxation time into your day instead. 

Dull Skin is Nothing to Be Feared 

If you’ve tried these methods for improving your dull skin condition and they haven’t worked, it may be time to see a dermatologist. 

These professionals can help you figure out the root cause for dull skin and help you treat it. Changing your skin care by yourself too often can be causing bigger problems.

Need more skin care tips to help you get through the winter? We have you covered.

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