10 Foods That Cause Acne You Need to Avoid

10 Foods That Cause Acne You Need to Avoid

Puberty is over and the last thing you want is to experience adult acne. If you’re prone to breaks outs check your diet for these foods that cause acne.

Clear skin is a common goal among men and women young and old. It’s the key to having a youthful appearance. And we all know, as you grow older, this becomes more and more difficult to achieve.

In America, a whopping 60 million people are suffering from acne. Most people start getting acne during their teenage years. Stats show 85% of people between 12 and 24 suffer from acne, with 25% having permanent acne scars.

Out of the adult population, 20% suffer from acne. But only about 11% actually seek help. While seeing a dermatologist is recommended, medications aren’t the only route to take.

It’s time to get to the root of the problem, which typically comes down to what you put into and on your body. In this quick guide, we’ll go over the foods that cause acne.

First, What Is Acne and How Does It Form?

Acne is an enemy – we know that much. This gives us even more reason to find out everything we can about it. After all, how else will you overcome it?

Scientifically speaking, acne is a disease that forms when your skin’s oil glands become clogged. One of your skin’s roles is to expel toxins. But when your pores are blocked, all that junk piles up, forming into a pimple.

This blockage is known as a plug, which consists of a bunch of dead skin cells. In some cases, it forms red bumps or cysts.

Your skin produces oil called sebum. With the right diet, you can better control how much sebum is produced. So what foods should you avoid?

Let’s review.

Top Foods That Cause Acne – Let’s Start with Bread

For most Americans, bread is found in at least one meal eaten each day. We eat it in the form of sandwiches, toast, donuts and a host of other ways.

The issue with bread is that it rips out antioxidants, which is essential for your body to function properly. Psoriasis, herpetiformis, and dermatitis have also been linked to gluten sensitivity.

It’s common for this condition to be considered the celiac disease of the skin.

Bagel – Another Popular Gluten Food Item

The issue with the gluten is that it causes your insulin to rise quickly. There have been ties to foods like this and acne. But it’s not just bagels, you also have to worry about other foods made with white flour, refined grains and pasta.

Any other foods high on the glycemic index should be avoided as well. There are carbs you can choose instead, such as sweet potatoes and plantain.

Forgo the Bag of Chips!

Since you’re chucking the sandwiches, why not give up the snack that goes with it? Most Americans order a bag of chips with their subs and sandwiches, which is a double whammy for poor skin.

For one, chips have too many carbs, causes your insulin to spike and causes inflammation. Then there’s the issue with the seed oil used on the chips, which tend to be high in omega-6 fats. And this isn’t a good thing.

So make sure to include chips on your list of foods that cause acne.

America’s Beloved Chocolate

Yeah, this may be a tough one to swallow. Who doesn’t like delicious treats that melt in your mouth? Most of us grew up knowing eating too much chocolate can be bad – but not to eat it at all?

You may have heard that chocolate causes a release of chemicals and neurotransmitter action in your brain each time you eat it. But it also causes the production of other chemicals that cause acne.

Then there’s the sugar factor, which causes a host of problems in the body.

Milk – Doesn’t Do Your Body Good?

All your life, you heard about all the great things milk does for your body. It’s likely why we find it in just about every food we consume – cereal, breads, cakes, cookies and pancakes.

The issue is your insulin levels rise when you drink or eat milk products. It also causes hormonal problems, which has been tied to acne.

You Scream for Ice Cream!

It’s the favorite treat during the hot summer months, but should it be? According to scientific studies, absolutely not.

In fact, ice cream has been tied to severe acne breakouts. This could be due to the milk and sugar content found inside.

An alternative to ice cream would be to make your own nut milk ice cream or a frozen berry treat.

Pop, Soft Drinks and Soda

Whatever you want to call the carbonated liquids we call “drinks” – they’re not good for you. They’re jam packed with fructose and it doesn’t have any nutrients whatsoever.

If we compare it to another substance that damages your body, it would be very close to alcohol. Keep in mind that fructose is sugar, so your insulin spike is rather high.

So the next time you’re thirsty, grab a bottle of water.

Pizza Pizza!

Who doesn’t enjoy a slice (or pie) of pizza? Most people do like pizza – maybe a little too much. It’s one of those addictive foods and the go-to on weekends and nights when we’re too lazy to cook.

The problem with pizza is it’s filled with carbs, dairy and lacks nutrition. The cheese alone is problematic for the skin.

All Processed Meats

Who wants to eat chemical-filled meats anyway? Processed meats, such as sausages, hot dogs, ham and lunch meat are all tied to acne.

Getting rid of processed meats from your diet will also improve your overall health.

Any and All Alcoholic Beverages

If you already have acne, drinking alcohol can worsen the symptoms. This is likely due to the sugar content in the alcohol.

A better option? Go for a glass of red wine, which is full of antioxidants. Plus, it goes well with other items not found on the list of foods that cause acne.

Eat Your Way to Clearer Skin

Who knew getting rid of acne could be done just by avoiding foods that cause acne? This is a simple guide to help get you started on your journey.

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Stop by today to find the products that can help you get the beautiful skin you deserve.

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